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Monica is a truly gifted practitioner and healer. My experience with her and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was profound.  From the moment I sat down with her there was an instant feeling of being safe and at ease that carried on through the entire session. My higher-self wisdom that came through in this session gently and tenderly was like having the mentor I always dreamed of; a key that unlocked parts of myself that have been hidden. I am still reveling in the insight and guided wisdom that I have so needed to move me forward in life.

       ~Anezka D.   Portland, Oregon

When we left your cabin I felt so centered and stable. I haven't experienced that in forever. 

I am just living and enjoying feeling like I am finally released from the suffering that has plagued me for such a long time. 

I woke up rested and excited about being able to live each new day.

Thank you for doing what you do. I am so glad that I waited and this session was seen through with you.

May you be blessed for your strength, guidance and encouragement.

I will most definitely keep in touch!!!

Thank you again, my life is my own again.

        ~MJ Port Orchard, Washington

As an energy-worker myself, I'm very selective of who I seek to receive support from in any modality. Monica is an energetically clear practitioner and facilitator. Her focused and calm presence provides a safe environment to relax and allow the experience to unfold. Also, the setting of her current office is so quiet, peaceful, and calm. You won't have extraneous noise or energies interfering in the session. Her expertise and guidance through the 5 hour process ensured I received the answers to my questions and connected me with the healing support I desired. Since I have done my own regressions and psychic viewing through my own work, this was a wonderful experience and opportunity to gain more clarity, insight, and support in a way that I couldn't do on my own. One of the immediate healing benefits that transpired was the resolution of a life-long, low-level anxiety. Clearing that, in and of itself, was worth the experience. I highly recommend Monica's work no matter your level of experience.

       ~Angela R.  Portland, Oregon

My fear of flying is greatly GREATLY diminished, preflight meds no longer required. I’m now sleeping without meds or wine, I was able to discontinue those. During the session, I was given a gift by my Tribe, as they called themselves, of a spot on my sternum to press on when I get emotional. I’ve used that spot multiple times since then, always with success. It works SO well that it recently occurred to me that it must be “a thing” so I googled it. Sure enough it’s a well known acupressure spot, CV-17 aka Sea of Tranquility. But of course! That gift was worth the price of admission (as a friend of mine says) and it also gave this Doubting Thomas proof that it was guided by something other than my intellect, as I had no knowledge of this as an acupressure point. 

I just finished listening to the last few minutes of the session where my left shoulder calcification tendinitis was addressed. I’d been taking twice daily doses of tart cherry juice for a few years, which worked beautifully as an anti inflammatory reducing the pain to near zero. When I travel internationally I don’t take this with me so the pain would return while away but diminish once I restarted the supplement. Not long after this session, the one brand of tart cherry juice that worked best for me went out of stock and I was terrified of the pain returning for good. I figured I had a little bit of time to find another brand that might be effective before the pain returned, then My gut suggested I see how long I can go without taking it before the pain returned.  It’s now been over a year with no tart cherry juice and the pain is 100% gone after this session.

       ~K.H.  Portland, Oregon

1 year to the day since my QHHT session with Monica Dunn and what an interesting year it has been! I waited to write this because I wanted to share the fruit of the process instead of just the early pollenation of the session itself.


First, I want to say that Monica was excellent and held wonderful space. Her energy was bright and warm. Letting yourself relax into a more direct communion with your higher self requires the right environment and trust to transcend the defenses of the ego.


The process put me into deeper understanding of my soul’s story; answering questions like “who am I” and “what themes” have I been working on for lifetimes.


My session held many things, but the clearest was a life as one of the last samurai of Japan in WWII. The memory started crystal clear in the skies above the battle of Midway. I was piloting a shining aluminum airplane engaged in a dog fight that sent me crashing into the sandy beach below, ultimately to my death. I could feel the sorrow as life left my body.


Monica guided me to rewind the scene and see what happened leading up to that. This took me back to a mountain village where my family and people were preparing for the war. Instantly I recognized my wife and children of that life as the same soul essences playing in the costumes of my children and former wife in this life. It was very much like the movie Cloud Atlas.


I was being sent off to fight knowing I would likely never return. Willing to give up everything I love to serve everything I love. 


What was discovered was that the General sending me off to war had secretly negotiated with my wife to take my place as the head of my family, staying comfortably in the village, while I was sent off to die. A coward’s move for a samurai, lacking honor. This brought up a powerful theme/feeling of betrayal that has bled through to this life seeking resolution. Upon learning of this "arrangement" I called him to battle and cut him down with the force of a lightning bolt. 


The theme of challenging corrupt authority is a part of my soul's blueprint and since the session, has been the major theme of the last year. It’s who I am. It is part of my function in nature, only instead of using a samurai sword, now I am using my pen and the weight of law to hold weak authority accountable to higher power.


Killing the General at a time of war was controversial but the real pain was the betrayal and lack of honor I felt toward my wife. And from her perspective I had killed her meal ticket, sentencing her to a difficult existence in my absence. That karma is so much a part of the relationship to this day. I can only heal my connection to it. Everyone finds peace in their own time.


Before even leaving for war, I had lost my wife and children. I lost my leader. I lost the support of my village. Yet, I still fought in service to the greater ideals of love, country, honor and legacy. Such a strange juxtaposition the human experience is... 


The unique new perspectives afforded to me by QHHT helped remove an emotional block that had me going around in circles for years. Once I understood the roots were deeper than this life I could let go and heal. Knowing who I am in greater detail, I can see both the forest and the trees and live in more peace. 


The process of becoming and remembering is a dance with life, so put on your dancing shoes!


I highly recommend the process and the practitioner. 

Worth the drive to Hood River from Arizona.

Thank you!



Lake Havasu, Arizona

I wanted to try QHHT after reading one of Dolores Cannon’s books -- and of all the practitioners in my area, Monica called to me the most, despite the long drive. Within moments of arriving I knew I made the right choice. I felt very safe with Monica as her energy is warm and calming, which is exactly what one needs when going under hypnosis. After my powerful session I felt some immediate shifts, and continue to experience ongoing ones. Things started to move forward in my life in a healthier way. Not only did I notice a physical difference in how I react to things that were bothering me, but I also received some powerful practical advice (from my Higher Self) that has contributed to some profound healing with my daughter. My session with Monica continues to unfold in many ways. I highly recommend Monica, as she is highly skilled in this unique modality. There is no doubt in my mind that she has met her calling. I wish everyone could benefit from a session with Monica.

       ~Jackie  Portland, Oregon


I found Quantum Hypnotherapy to be very instrumental in my being able to connect varying pieces of my life into a more coherent whole. The panoramic view of my life continuum was so helpful, in that, it allowed me to see my own ingenious patterns; hence, resulting in a more loving self-acceptance and growth as a soul. 

Thank you Monica! You are a grounded, knowledgeable, coherent therapist. You do an incredible job of facilitating Quantum Hypnotherapy. I am thankful for the opportunity of working with you. 

      ~Darlene G. 

       Natural Force Healing


If you are wondering about your multidimensional reality, suspect you are a starseed and are feeling that you are here for the ascension of Mother Gaia, you can access your mission through hypnosis.  Perhaps your child is telepathic, finds school useless and has other information that conflicts with the 3rd dimensional reality.  My experience with Monica Dunn, is that she can be trusted with our precious children, our innermost mysteries and advanced learning from our oversoul or higher self.

     Monica has an intelligent awareness that mediates the realms.  She is open to UFOlogy, missing time, the re-connection to your Star family, inner Earth Sisterhood and Brotherhood, the ascended Masters, fairy realms and elementals.  She lives the reality of Love and Unity Consciousness.  She is a safe haven for experiencers.  Her voice and presence is that of the Divine Mother.  She is both a Shaman and Hypnotist.  She offers a variety of crystals to facilitate communication.  

    After your session you may see the world in a completely different way.  How ready are you to be awakened?  You may access lifetimes that act as a catalyst to transform your current view.  You may have your wildest imaginings confirmed. You may receive a quantum healing, DNA upgrades, access to a star language, light codes, visions of your multidimensional self.  You may reconnect with loved ones, and get a larger perspective on your life work.

    More and more people will want a session in hypnosis as their experience varies from the limiting concepts in the 3 d matrix.  As we raise our awareness, we may be drawn to a pure hearted being like Monica who resonates Truth with a capital T.  She can help you access your souls intent through a series of questions.  Trust that your own broadening perspective is part of the co-creative process in healing the consciousness of all humankind.  There is an energetic shift happening in our solar system.  Can you feel it?  I tapped into my mission on Earth through the superconscious state available in hypnosis.  I flew across the country to meet with Monica, and my intuition was correct; she is a superb practitioner and has a gift in accessing the stillness in the center of your being, for all the answers are within.

         ~Lalita K.   Woodstock, Vermont

Doing a QHHT session with Monica was one of the most peacefully profound experiences of my life. 

       ~Sarah M.   Portland, Oregon

My visit with Monica was my first ever experience with QHHT. I had never met her before and had to travel a way to meet with her and I was a little nervous as I had never allowed anyone to put me under hypnosis in this way. I had no idea what to expect. Monica was so lovely and kind when I walked up the porch to greet her and she quickly put me at ease in her home in the forest. We began by spending time just talking and sharing. Monica skillfully and lovingly held the space for my storyline to unfold. We reviewed my questions and then began our session.
During my time under I know that I felt completely safe as I became so relaxed that I went extremely deep. If any part of my consciousness was at all trepidatious I do not believe that I would have been able to travel to the realms I did with Monica. It was extraordinary. The session is recorded so you will have the opportunity to revisit everything over time in order to allow the integration to happen on all levels...body, mind, spirit and beyond!
Please honor yourself in the most sacred way you can and consider allowing Monica to facilitate an incredible journey of discovery into your highest quest for total healing. You will not regret it. I am already looking forward to my next journey with her! Thank you, Monica, for your amazing gift and beautiful being! Namaste. 

          ~Lynn M.   

My QHHT session with Monica was deeply moving. Connecting with your higher consciousness and inner vision allows for deep transformation. There are no words to capture the magic and the beauty of the time spent with Monica in my QHHT session. She has an amazingly kind, gentle and welcoming spirit. The calmness and stillness that radiates from her allows for a deeply moving and transformative QHHT experience. Driving to her place is like driving through a mystical, magical garden. It is the perfect setting for her spiritual work. She is so kind and her spirit embraces you like an old friend. Trusting in yourself and the visions that you receive was one of the most profound gifts I received from my QHHT session. I drove from WY to OR to have my session with her. It was worth every mile that I drove!! If you are considering a QHHT session, allow Monica to connect with you and take you on a beautiful journey! Many Blessings.

             ~Jennifer P.   Laramie, Wyoming

At the end of the session with Monica, she asked me to describe two things in my life that needed answers. Both questions that I asked my self seemed improbable to answer so I was more willing to describe them. One - I could not stop drinking, and Two - there was something wrong with the relationship with my nephew and I had no control over it. About a year and half later I found a book about drinking cessation and a friend was about to give it a try so we did the book work together. At this time it has been almost nine months since I have had alcohol. About the same time that I found the book, my nephew sought me out and shared a letter that detailed his life and struggles and feelings. We hugged and we are now good. I did not foresee either of these events and believe that they took place on the quantum field during my session with Monica and then manifested at the time and place that benefited not only myself but those that it touched. Thank you, Monica.

                   ~Jim G.   

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