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Preparing for Your Session

The journey upon which you are about to embark is a life changing one. The energy and intention one puts into the preparation plays a major role in how their session will unfold.  By spending time on the inside of oneself, the questions will make themselves known.  As the QHHT practitioner, I am assisting you in finding your own answers and insight.  The outcome is mainly up to you.


Each session is very individual and may last between five to six hours, or occasionally a bit longer.  It is best to plan the day around your session and not schedule anything taxing afterward.

We begin the session by spending time getting to know each other so I may more easily assist you throughout the hypnosis.  At this time we will also go over your list of questions.  You will then be guided using words and images to bring you into a very relaxed state in which information is easily received.

I ask that you have a list of questions ready before we begin that we can ask your Higher Self once we reach that point in your session.  It is optimal to have around ten questions prepared.  Most people list questions about life, relationships, career, etc.; then health questions are grouped together.  Remember that once we reach your Higher Self, ALL questions can be answered.  There is no limit to the questions one may come up with.  One of the best ways to come up with your questions is through quiet time alone either in meditation, or some other type of internal connection.  Ask and then allow.  Your questions may come to you while you are doing dishes, or doing some other meditative task.  Have a notebook ready to jot them down as they arise.  Asking is a potent way to receive guidance regarding your questions. 

Before arriving at my office, it is best to eat at least a light meal, as we will be in session the entire time you are here.  It is alright to have some caffeine before a session, just not too much.  Please wear comfortable clothing to assist you with the utmost relaxation.  

Remember there is nothing to be nervous about.  It's just your Higher Self reminding you of what is for your highest good.  Often times we are feeling our Spirit team's excitement, confusing that with feeling nervous.

Your session will be recorded and emailed to you afterward.  Listening to your recording is very important, and of great value for your integration, healing and transformation to continue.


 I am honored to collaborate with your Higher Self to bring greater understanding, healing and transformation.  


  Thank you for hearing the call.

Dolores Cannon speaks below about releasing expectations before your session.

I recommend listening to the guided meditation I have created below, to prepare yourself for your session and connect with your Higher Self.

In the past few years, client experiences during hypnosis have shifted quite a lot.  This is due to the shift in consciousness taking place for all of humanity.  My colleague Suzanne Spooner states this very well in the video below

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